Monday, May 31, 2010

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Day

It is brought to you by the fans of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight on Way Above Top Secret, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Day on July 3rd. Also, I don't mean to brag, but that's my I'm really excited for my birthday now! xD

As of now, the activities planned for this special day:
- Video competition
- Fanfiction competition
- Banner competition
- Simultaneous episode watching with chat
- A GOOD chance that there wll be a live chat with Yvonne Arias/Maya!!

So if you'd like to participate in this event, please join Way Above Top Secret and check back often for any updates to this event. Also please spread the word around. We're all trying to make this day really big for the KRDK fandom. And don't forget to wish me a happy birthday! :D

I am NO LONGER known as MegaPurple

If you're wondering why, well I've just gotten bored with the name. It's just so bland and easy to remember. I wanted something more epic. So now, I am known as Kingdom Rider. Because I'm currently in love with Kamen Rider, and Kingdom Hearts is like my drug. xD

Hopefully I'll stick with this name for a while. If I change it, it'll probably be something even more epic than the two! xD

Saturday, May 29, 2010

How I would handle Shinkenger's adaptation

Power Rangers Samurai Strike
Yeah, it's a terrible name, but anything's better than "Samurai Force" or "Team Samurai" right?

After the destruction of Queen Bansheera's Skull Cavern, another remnant had appeared known as The Phantom Sail. Renegade demons have heard of Queen Bansheera's defeat from the Underworld's mystic, Tentacor. Once having heard of this, Demon King Scourge and Princess Raidan were very angry about their beloved sister's destruction. The three banded together to form the notorious, Supreme Demon Tribe. With no restrictions, the Supereme Demon Tribe decides to cast destruction on the Earth, starting with a popular town close to Mariner Bay: Gateway City.
In the mysterious town of Gateway City, citizens strive to get where they need to and people say that belongings keep coming up missing; even certain government plans have been stolen. It's near Mariner Bay and this where our story takes place. But what the people of Gateway City don't know is that their going to have a "Demon Infestation" occuring. Having knowledge of the Legendary Samurais, historian and biotechnologist Henry Carr must find the descending ancestors to fight these league of demons. It is up to five teenagers to beomce Power Rangers, uncover their ancestor's past, and bring order to the future.

NOTE: I did NOT come up with the story, but I do kinda like it. I hope Saban does something similar.

If Saban really had to steer it away from Shinkenger, cause of its' so called "too Japanese," then I would have the swords and spinning discs as morphers. Get rid of the kuroko every time the Rangers had to morph. Pretty much make it kinda like Ninja Storm, but with a few twists. I would love to see ShinkenGold evil for a little bit. These are my ideas for Shinken's adaptation, I don't care if they don't happen. I'll be pleased with whatever Saban brings us. Saban hasn't failed us in the past.

Scorpion Rain - Power Rangers Zeo Finale

Okay, so people ponder about how the transition from Zeo to Turbo works. Years ago, someone made a fan film called "Scorpion Rain," that was supposed the finale to Zeo leading up into Turbo.

"Scorpion Rain was four two minute mini-series. It was done for countries outside of the US and its purpose was to promote the new Turbo: A Power Rangers movie for overseas markets. It was a very low budget and apparently only aired in Australia. It aired after Power Rangers Zeo to serve as a set up for the movie." - Scorpion Rain, however, ended up being a hoax...until "Forever Red" happened.

In the team-up episode, "Forever Red," when the Rangers are in the Astro MegaShip discussing about General Venjix, there is a reference to "Scorpion Rain." The person who made the fan film became a writer onto the show years after he produced it, and makes it into continuity. This makes "Forever Red" seem more understandable now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why I'm starting to dislike Super Sentai

Power Rangers is what got me into Sentai. When I first found out about Sentai, I thought it was cooler and better than Power Rangers. But lately, I'm starting to dislike Sentai.

Let's face it, Toei's going overboard with the mecha use. There are so many unnecessary mechas and such that are used once, maybe twice, and probably never seen again. Take Ushi Origami from Shinkenger for example. That was only seen, what? A good two-three times? Not even. Even the plot for it was terrible. It truly was a waste. At least Power Rangers tries to keep to the story instead of having filler episodes to advertise for unnecessary mecha.

The plot for some are just flat out lame now. Take Shinkenger for example, the plot was really bland and boring. The first half was excellent, until the power up came in, which was also a waste. Shinkenger probably has one of the best cast/characters since Dekaranger, but the series wasn't too good in my opinion. If Shinkenger was your first Sentai, you would love it. But if you've been a fan of Sentai for a long time like myself, you probably wouldn't like it too much. It was decent for me. The last Sentai that actually had a strong plot for me was probably Gekiranger.

And so far, even Goseiger is letting me down. I really had high hopes for this series after the first four episodes, but then it started to get boring and bland for me. I pretty much stopped watching after episode nine.

I've been watching a lot more Power Rangers than Sentai (Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, and Dino Thunder), and I like it way more than Shinkenger and Goseiger. Hell I even got way too excited when I found out that Season 18 is coming next year. Basically what I'm saying is that, I possibly may be done with Sentai soon. I mean, I still like Sentai and all, but the newer series' aren't really doing it for me. I may just stick with watching the older series' and Power Rangers. But until then, I may pick up watching Goseiger and maybe re watch Shinkenger for the third time.

By the way, if I sounded like I was bashing the Sentai fandom, I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to sound like it. But please understand that I am stating my own opinion, and opinions can't be wrong.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saban REGAINS Power Rangers!

Wow, I am just speechless right now. Seriously, this is like the biggest Power Rangers news ever. According to this article, and this one, Power Rangers now belongs to Saban, or known as Saban Brands now.

You know, I've been having a crappy year so far. But this just made my year! If Cheryl goes to PMC2, I'm writing her a letter to give to Saban, calling him god. I’ve actually been wondering about the future for Power Rangers earlier today, what’s after MMPRv2 and such….but I have never expected this. This really is probably the greatest thing ever to happen to Power Rangers.

This part of the second article caught my attention the most though:

“The “Power Rangers” program was most prominent in the mid-90s when it was first shown on Fox, but it has remained in production ever since and an 18th Season is in development now. That season will make its debut on Nickelodeon in the first quarter of 2011, the channel said.”

18th Season!? Does this more MMPRv2!? Or new season!? I don't know, but either way, I'm extremely happy about this!

Here's some bad news though: John Tzachor is returning...UGH! Why 'ugh?' Well you see, I was told that he was the reason why Power Rangers was very close to its Sentai counterpart, I was also told that he was the reason why Judd Lynn left? Well anyways, I hope that Lynn does return as well...and maybe Eddie? He did a fantastic job! Saban should bring him back!