Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where have I been?

On YouTube, I've been getting mail and such like "Where are you?" or "When's your next video?" and "Why haven't you been on lately?" To tell you the truth for people who don't know, I've been on and off on my account. I read mail and comments then I forget to reply. I've been on my other accounts mostly, TheFusionKing and SuperSentaiFan35, where I have been uploaded some new videos on one and the other has Goggle V and Turboranger Episodes. If you haven't already, you should like subscribe to either one if you like Sentai/Rider/Ranger openings fused with another theme or if you would like to see some good old 80s Sentai. Check out my new videos btw! :)

Aside from YouTube, I've been really busy. Like for school, I getting like tons of homework this year plus a research paper I recently had to do. Also, I've been participating in after-school activities such as GSA (Gay Straight Alliance. Yes, I'm gay. Not my problem if you hate. And you don't have to be gay to join like some proclaim.) Be the Change, and Art Club. And I've been getting detentions here and there (hehe, I'm such a rebel xD) So on Mondays, I'm usually on. Tuesdays-Thursdays I'm pretty busy since all of those clubs meet on those days. And on Fridays I'll go on real quick then I'm at the mall with my friends partying all night! :) Then the weekend comes, which means I sleep in, watch some KRDK and PR:RPM if they're on, sometimes I'll go out to places with my friends or family, come home watch Shinkenger, W/Double, Rescue Fire, or whatever I feel like watching.

lol so yeah, I'm really busy this year than I was last year. If I'm not on my account (silgmes) then be sure to check if I'm on the other ones. SO don't worry, I'm still here, I'm just a little busier than before.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My thoughts on Shinkenger

I personally feel Shinkenger will be considered one of the worst Sentai's ever I've ever seen, but I still watch it every week. One of the main reasons why I don't like it is because there really isn't a plot. It's about how Samurais have been fighting the Gedoushu for centuries, it tells how the newest team of Samurais fight them off. That's not a good plot. Hell, Go-Onger actually had a plot and not many people liked that series. There's unnecessary origamis, weapons and combinations, does any of that advance the plot in any way? And as I seem to recall this is Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, not Power Rangers Mystic Force. In other words, I'm saying there's too much Takeru/ShinkenRed focus and no character development for the others.

Of course, Sentai has been doing this for years, but atleast there was a decent plot. In my opinion, I think it's getting out of hand. Can we please go back to basics for Sentai, and same with Power Rangers if we had the chance? Although I am not liking Shinkenger as of now, I will still continue to watch and see if the show will please me. And yes, I am aware that most of you will not like my opinion right now but everyone has the right to there own opinion and I'm sure my opinion of Shinkenger will change throughout the show.