Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yes , I'm alive .

I'm alive , & still active if anyone was wondering . Hehe just having really been on this in a while & wanted to do a post to let all of you know that I'm still alive and still active in the Tokusatsu world . It'll be rare for me to post about things , but this probably won't be the last post I'll do , like the last time . Hehehe ;)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My YouTube Channel Terminated

It happened at least two days ago. I received copyright claims from Toei for using their material in the MVs I made. I guess you can't even make MVs on YouTube anymore. So, my main one, and my two other ones are gone forever. I haven't exactly made a new one lately cause I've been so worked up. If I ever do, I'll make a shout out.

Also, my blog got messed up as well, the same day my YouTube accounts got terminated. It wouldn't let me sign in, and said that my blog was terminated, but I just recovered it today so everything seems fine for the moment.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poll Results - PR Season Improve/Super Goseiger/90s Sentai

Poll #1 - If there was a Power Rangers season that needed improvement the most, which would it be?

10 voted Turbo
3 voted for Wild Force
12 voted for Mystic Force
29 voted for Operation Overdrive
10 voted for Other

64 votes total. I voted for Operation Overdrive. That season had probably the most coolest storyline ever, and all that wasted potential went down the drain, just like that.

Poll #2 - What do you think of Super Goseiger?

16 voted Awesome
12 voted Pretty Cool
5 voted I've seen better
And no one voted A waste

33 votes total. I voted for Pretty Cool. I like the design a lot. It kinda reminds me of Magiranger's power up. I'm not so sure about the crystal ball thing at the end of their staffs though.

Poll #3 - What is your favortie Super Sentai series from the 90s?

No one voted for Fiveman
2 voted for Jetman
7 voted for Zyuranger
6 voted for Dairanger
1 voted for Kakuranger
1 voted for Ohranger
1 voted for Carranger
2 voted for Megaranger
2 voted for Gingaman
2 voted for GoGo V

24 votes total. Poor Fiveman, it's the least popular series. Zyuranger seems to be quite popular though. I voted for Megaranger. That goes as my second favorite Sentai season, behind Boukenger.