Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poll Results - PR Season Improve/Super Goseiger/90s Sentai

Poll #1 - If there was a Power Rangers season that needed improvement the most, which would it be?

10 voted Turbo
3 voted for Wild Force
12 voted for Mystic Force
29 voted for Operation Overdrive
10 voted for Other

64 votes total. I voted for Operation Overdrive. That season had probably the most coolest storyline ever, and all that wasted potential went down the drain, just like that.

Poll #2 - What do you think of Super Goseiger?

16 voted Awesome
12 voted Pretty Cool
5 voted I've seen better
And no one voted A waste

33 votes total. I voted for Pretty Cool. I like the design a lot. It kinda reminds me of Magiranger's power up. I'm not so sure about the crystal ball thing at the end of their staffs though.

Poll #3 - What is your favortie Super Sentai series from the 90s?

No one voted for Fiveman
2 voted for Jetman
7 voted for Zyuranger
6 voted for Dairanger
1 voted for Kakuranger
1 voted for Ohranger
1 voted for Carranger
2 voted for Megaranger
2 voted for Gingaman
2 voted for GoGo V

24 votes total. Poor Fiveman, it's the least popular series. Zyuranger seems to be quite popular though. I voted for Megaranger. That goes as my second favorite Sentai season, behind Boukenger.


  1. Why am I not surprised that Zyuranger had the most? xD

  2. yea boukenger was my fave sentai as well it was so damn awsome, i so hated operation overdrive so much though