Friday, July 30, 2010

Power Rangers 2011 News/Updates as of 7/30/10

Alright, so I got some good news and bad news. Let's start with good news.

Good news is, we possibly might know our actors/actresses for the Rangers! Here are the possibilities for our Rangers!
Craig Henningson is a possibility for our Red Ranger, Reese.
Sergio Harford, still in question, is a possibility for our Blue Ranger, Baron.

Justin James Hughes is a possibility for our Green Ranger, Parry.

Sidney Franklin is a possibility for our Gold Ranger, Wesley.

Anthony Lipe-Ladenhe, still in question, is a possibility for our Skinny Mack.

Please remember that this IS NOT the actual cast! These are just possibilities. Thank you. Now for the bad news:

Apparently contracts came in, and they were so ridiculous that during the screen testings...a lot of the actors/actresses walked out without signing....they wouldn't let none of them audition "without" signing. It is said that most of them had no idea what was in the contract and could not audition without signing. Quite a few good actors walked out, which the end result could mean anything now.

In the contract, they cut the money WAY back! Iris had some good choices, but the people (producers I assume) were quote on quote, "ridiculous!" It is said that the role for Yellow went to a very "young looking" girl who looks like she could be 12. A few Pinks were left, but it is unsure who got that.

The Red rangers that were left are said to be all "American-looking" Caucasians, with all other roles pretty much filled up by those who looked like they're Asian in them somewhere.

Well it looks like Saban is still being cheap. That is certinaly disheartening. I don't have much to say on this, but we had some really good actors/actresses apparently. There is said to be somewhere in the contract saying that if you are part of the Power Rangers then you cannot do ANYTHING else until the end of 2012. Honestl,y I think all of this extra hype he's been shoveling out has been for the hardcore fans, us, just to get us back on board after the disaster that was MMPRv2. But even with this negative news we need to support Power Rangers 2011 or the show won't have a very bright future. I will support Power Rangers any way it needs.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Power Rangers 2011 News/Updates as of 7/24/10

________The Breakdown_______
Just the facts
  • The newest season of Power Rangers will be adapted from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • Saban has made a new deal with Namco Bandai and Bandai America, for the toys as usual and new video games from Namco.
  • 700 old episodes (original MMPR to RPM) will air on Nicktoons 7 days a week!
  • The new season will feature 40 episodes. They may be split with 20 episodes now and 20 episodes later. But the complete season will be 40 for Power Rangers 2011.
  • Jonathan Tzachor will be in charge of the new 18th season (Shoot me.....).
  • Saban is making deals for a movie. Nothing else has been announced. Most likely it will through Paramount Films, which Nickelodeon is allied with. Nickelodeon has been developing a new film division, with Ninja Turtles being one of the productions.
  • Movie production workers from Auckland, such as costume designers and set painters are being offered three-year contracts on Power Rangers. This means Saban is serious about quality with Power Rangers!
  • Ron Wasserman will not be returning to perform music for the show in any capacity. =[
  • Brian Casentini will help develop new Power Rangers skein -- Haim Saban's new shingle Saban Brands has named Brian Casentini veep of development and production.
  • Nickelodeon/Paramount might not have the dvd rights to Power Rangers. It's rumored Saban Brands is looking for a third party to publish and distribute such dvds.
All the other stuff concerning the return of Power Rangers
Elie Dekel Interview

  • BurgundyRanger has confirmed that August 28 will be the last day of MMPRv2 on ABC. This all pretty much says that we may see the reruns on Nick in September, unless they have other plans.
  • The Power Rangers will leave Disney World in August 7, 2010 according to a castmember at Intercot boards and Daily Disney blog. A week before I go to Disney, whatthehell. XD
  • Saban is in talks to acquire three new properties not specifically aimed at kids!
  • "Power Rangers" is the #7 trending topic in New York City! Airing on ABC Kids now. Source.
  • Nickelodeon closed the week (6/14/10-6/20/10) as basic cable’s number-one network in total day with kids 2-11(3.5/1.2 million), kids 6-11 (3.4/748,000), and total viewers (2.3 million) That means Power Rangers couldn't possibly be in better hands!
  • The Power Rangers attend Comic Con!

______Power Rangers Casting Info & Scripts______

______Character Descriptions______
______Fake promo that looks believable______

If anything else happens within the next few weeks, I will update in a new post.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have mutual feelings for Power Rangers Season 18

Okay, lately I've been having mutual feelings for Season 18 of Power Rangers. Like, I'm excited that the show is returning, but I have a bad feeling that it's just gonna be a carbon copied version of Shinkenger. The reason why I think that, is because Jonathan Tzachor is returing as Executive Producer.

Some people don't know this, so I'm just gonna come out with it. I strongly dislike Jonathan Tzachor very much. He just irks me, the way he used to handle Power Rangers. He's like the Bruce Kalish of the Saban Era, always liked to borrow concepts from the Sentai counterpart, too lazy to come up with something better. I mean, seasons like Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed and Time are good as they are, but they had much more potential and could have been improved and perhaps even be better than their Sentai counterpart. And there was even so much drama behind the scenes with him and Chip. I hope he's learned from his mistakes (that's right Wild Force, I'm looking at you).

There are certain things I would kill to to see in this season. I'll be happy with whatever we got either way.
  • A more original and interesting story
  • 'Fight' songs (i.e. We Need A Hero)
  • Teens as Rangers
  • Strong character development
  • A Power Ranger exclusive villain and -possibly- side characters like Bulk and Skull
  • No references to older seasons (in other words, this season in it's own universe)

On the other hand, I'm totally psyched that we're getting a new season! I haven't been this excited for Power Rangers ever! Just seeing Power Rangers return makes a part of my childhood return, even though it never really left. Anyone else psyched as much as I am? XD

Monday, July 19, 2010


I'm just trying out blogger on my phone. It's like sending it a text but I'm still trying to figure it out. So this is just a test. Ignore this post. I'm trying to figure out how long the post can be through my phone. Please ignore this. Thank you.

Your love is my drug. XD

Poll Results - Favorite Org. XIII Mem/MMPR Insert Song

Poll #1 - Favorite Organization XIII Member

2 voted for Xemnas
0 voted for Xigbar
0 voted for Xaldin
0 voted for Vexen
0 voted for Lexaeus
1 voted for Zexion
1 voted for Saïx
5 voted for Axel
1 voted for Demyx
1 voted for Luxord
2 voted for Marluxia
0 voted for Larxene
7 voted for Roxas
5 voted for Xion

Only 9 people voted on the poll, but there were 25 votes total since they chose more than 1 character. I voted for Roxas and Xion. Those you didn't vote, you all FAIL, miserably. XD Just kidding.

 Poll #2 - Favorite MMPR Insert Song

7 voted for Fight
5 voted for Lord Zedd
1 voted for Hey Rita
9 voted for We Need A Hero
2 voted for Combat
12 voted for Go Green Ranger, Go
8 voted for 5-4-1
2 voted for Zords
5 voted for I Will Win
9 voted for White Ranger Tiger Power
0 voted for Ride The Machine
2 voted for I Know A Place
1 voted for Tenga Bye, Bye
0 voted for Got No Time
1 voted for Take Them Down
5 voted for Other

There were 26 voters, but there were 69 votes total since you can chose more than 1. I voted for We Need A Hero, Zords, I Will Win, and Other. Other means songs from Zeo, Turbo, or In Space. There were just so many and it's too much to write out each song on the poll. c[=

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I now have blogger through my phone! This post was sent through like a I can post anywhere I want! Just wanted to test this out too. Feel free to ignore this. Lol :D

Friday, July 2, 2010

Disney portrays their Power Ranger characters who are Asian as idiots?

It's been said throughout the Sentai fandom that Disney portrays their Power Rangers characters who are Asian as idiots. To me, I don't see it, at all. I think it's just another bad excuse for people not to like the Disney seasons.

The Sentai fandom doesn't really like Ninja Storm. Mainly because they say they portray Ninjas and Asians as idiots. However, Power Rangers Ninja Storm was originally a parody of the actual Power Rangers franchise, to reintroduce people into Power Rangers, and it obviously was a success. I don't necessarily think they were making fun of Asians or Ninjas.

 To add on, I didn't think Jason Chan's character (Cam/Green Samurai Ranger) was portrayed as an idiot. He is the most focused, disciplined, and skilled fighters of the Rangers. Cyber Cam on the other hand, he was kinda annoying.

Jeffrey Parazzo (Trent Fernandez/White Dino Ranger from Dino Thunder) is Filipino descent. And in NO WAY he was portrayed as an idiot! He's just an absolute bad ass, especially when he was evil.

Couldn't find anyone from SPD, but let's continue. Apparently, Angie Diaz (Vida Rocca/Pink Mystic Ranger from Mystic Force) is Filipino, but I could not find any confirmation of that besides a category tag on Wikipedia. Either way, she wasn't portrayed as an idiot. She was more like a butch, tomboy like if you ask me.

Everyone says Dax Lo/Blue Overdrive Ranger from Operation Overdrive is, and I'll agree. Moving on.

Rhoda Montemayer (Rose Ortiz/Pink Overdrive Ranger from Operation Overdrive) is Filipino. Her character, Rose, is a Mensa level genius who studied in Harvard and was working on robotics and other technologies in a British university when Andrew contacted her to become the Pink Ranger. That doesn't sound idiotic to me now does it? She wasn't much of an annoyance like Dax.

Aljin Abella (Theo Martin/Jungle Fury Blue Ranger from Jungle Fury) is Filipino descent. His character, Theo, is a confident, bossy and straight laced conservative who always want to be in charge. Theo takes what he does very seriously and is a very skillful fighter. I'll be honest, I found him annoying at times, but not as annoying as Dax. But he didn't seem idiotic to me.

And last but not least, here's everyones' favorite, Gem and Gemma from Power Rangers RPM. Personally, I like them more than Hiroto and Miu from Go-Onger. Gem and Gemma give a lot of energy throughout the show. They're goofy but scientists at the same time. I don't think they're meant to portray Asians as idiots, that's just who they are, crazy and goofy.

So, I don't really think Disney portrays their Asian rangers as idiots. Some are meant to be that way, because that's who their characters are. I've realized that Genta/ShinkenGold from Shinkenger is JUST AS crazy and goofy as Gem and Gemma, and they're more hated because of it while Genta isn't as hated. Once again, I think this reason is just another bad reason to hate the Disney season, people are just biased. Oh well.