Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poll Results - PR Season Improve/Super Goseiger/90s Sentai

Poll #1 - If there was a Power Rangers season that needed improvement the most, which would it be?

10 voted Turbo
3 voted for Wild Force
12 voted for Mystic Force
29 voted for Operation Overdrive
10 voted for Other

64 votes total. I voted for Operation Overdrive. That season had probably the most coolest storyline ever, and all that wasted potential went down the drain, just like that.

Poll #2 - What do you think of Super Goseiger?

16 voted Awesome
12 voted Pretty Cool
5 voted I've seen better
And no one voted A waste

33 votes total. I voted for Pretty Cool. I like the design a lot. It kinda reminds me of Magiranger's power up. I'm not so sure about the crystal ball thing at the end of their staffs though.

Poll #3 - What is your favortie Super Sentai series from the 90s?

No one voted for Fiveman
2 voted for Jetman
7 voted for Zyuranger
6 voted for Dairanger
1 voted for Kakuranger
1 voted for Ohranger
1 voted for Carranger
2 voted for Megaranger
2 voted for Gingaman
2 voted for GoGo V

24 votes total. Poor Fiveman, it's the least popular series. Zyuranger seems to be quite popular though. I voted for Megaranger. That goes as my second favorite Sentai season, behind Boukenger.

How Power Rangers Samurai will be handled

The latest news/rumors for Power Rangers Samurai are that PRS is going to be very close to Shinkenger. Since it's a new writing staff, it's understandable because they'll get an idea of how the show works. PRS is also going to have two seasons instead of just one, just like MMPR, kinda. There are also going to be some elements from MMPR used, like Skinny Mack and Big Jack kinda being the Bulk and Skull for this season. And since PRS is getting two seasons, maybe Saban Brands can use footage of Shinkenger mini-series Toei has planned for season two depending on the footage.

The names for the Rangers changed. Here are the new names for each Ranger:
Red Ranger - Jayden
Blue Ranger - Kevin
Pink Ranger - Mia
Green Ranger - Mike
Yellow Ranger - Emily
Gold Ranger - Wesley
Rangers' Mentor - Takeru (Homage to Shinkenger anyone?)

Some of you are probably wondering about the Shinkenger/Decade team-up footage. Well, I was told Saban Brands did buy the rights to the footage, but I have no idea what they will do or how they will work.

Personally, I like the idea of having two seasons rather than one for PRS, because then they can plan something totally cool if they decide to adapt Goseiger. Plus, Goseiger is very much good enough for a anniversary theme. I think they purposely set this up, since Goseiger has alot of elements from the MMPR.

-The color scheme (Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Blue)
-The suits/helmets/mecha are very similar to the ones in MMPR.
-Master Head is like Zordon.
-Datas is like Alpha.
-The villains are kinda similar.

Hey, they can even make it something like in Space/Lost Galaxy or give off some elements from both seasons. They can even make GoseiKnight a Magna Defender like character. I would totally love to see another Space season again. And depending on how well PRS does, we MAY even see a movie.

If you haven't already, check out for the 145 Days of Power Rangers. Don't forget that reruns of the series start October, hopefully it will be this Friday. :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of Junior Year

Yeup. Today was my first day of Junior year in High School. Which means that I'll have less time on here now. But never fear, I'll still be on from time to time, just not as much as I was in the summer. I'll most likely update or check the site out on weekends, and sometimes after school if I have time. I can already tell this is gonna be a busy year for me!