Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Japanese Dub

MMPR Japanese Dub + Heavy Guitar = EPIC WIN

A little something I found. This sounds soo much more epic in Japanese! I mean, come on! Who doesn't love that heavy guitar that plays during MMPR!? Maybe Toei should start using something like this as a BGM....even if it doesn't fit in for the Sentai series.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kingdom Hearts Opening -RPM Remix-

I'm weird ok??

I've been obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and Power Rangers RPM lately, me and my bestfriend were extremely bored, and decided to make this, and he doesn't even like Toku!

It's a little short MV about Dillon and Tenaya from Power Rangers RPM using KH's opening theme. It is supposed to look like the actual Kingdom Hearts opening only it's Power Rangers RPM. Yeah, not by best work, but it should give you a few laughs....if not, probably a "WTF?" If you mix them together in the right way, it kinda makes sense. Dillon as Sora and Tenaya as Riku, only she's a girl! xP Sora's friends were missing and was looking them, while Dillon lost his sister and is now looking for her. Riku is evil then goes good, Tenaya did as well. Makes sense now? No? Oh well, just enjoy the video!

I'll probably never make a video like this ever again!

Episodes used: 01, 02, 03, 12, 20, 25

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Power Rangers 2012: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger?

If no one heard yet, Bandai America already has plans for the future toy line, and it is said to be going back to the Japanese series, starting with Shinkenger.  But I have no idea if this means a Shinken adaptation, or if we're just getting the toy line. I'm not sure if I want to believe this though....BoA has been spewing us lies lately, especially with the whole "Disney is producing a Season 18 of Power Rangers and the Power Rangers Toy line will continue." Well yes, the toy line did continue, but no Season 18. Just reversionized MMPR, not that I'm complaining. If this is true, then I am happy, cause I was on the verge of spending LOTS of money on importing the Shinken-Oh....but if BoA is making a toy line of Shinkenger, and releases the Shinken-Oh, then I guess I can wait. Even if it does take two more years.

But seriously though, I honestly hope there's a new season. I miss Power Rangers a whole lot more than I expected :'(

Monday, February 8, 2010

My final thoughts on Shinkenger.....and first thoughts on Goseiger

Well you see, I actually finished watching this season faster than I expected. I'm not gonna go over what I already said in my previous posts, I'm just giving my final thoughts. To be quite honest, I liked it, but I have seen better. This season has been a slow one. I actually liked the first half, then I thought it went all down hill after the Shinkenger/Decade team-up, then it went up around Ep 36 for me. I still think that the Super Shinken modes and half of the origami was unnecessary, there was too much focus on Takeru/ShinkenRed and not enough development for the others. The finale, I have seen better. Well, it was the final episode actually. There wasn't an epilogue or anything, describing what the others did afterwards. But I'll admit the finale was fitting for Shinkenger atleast.

And to be honest, I'm really upset that there isn't gonna be another Power Rangers season. I was really looking forward to a Shinkenger adaptation, cause after seeing what Go-Onger has become, I fully believe that a Shinkenger adaptation would do good (if in the right hands that is).

Well you see, I like the whole using card scheme, Kamen Rider anyone? lol and I like the mecha and costume designs, very Showa! Reminds me of Zyuranger/MMPR in a way. Wonder if there will be an Evil Green Goseiger! xD Anyways, judging by the promo, it seems as if this season will be a childish one. I mean, the actors themselves other than GoseiBlue look like little kids! GoseiRed looks like he's ten! And the theme song, it's does sound a bit childish. But then again, I shouldn't judge a series by a promo. Trust me when I say this, but every year when there's a new season of Sentai coming out, I always say that I won't like it. Then my mind changes after a few episodes, except for Shinkenger. But anyways, like every other season, I'll give this one a chance. If I like it after a few episodes, I'll stick around. If not, then I guess I'll just move on with Double and MMPRv2.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Saban's Masked Rider and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Just me giving my different views on both of the shows and their counterparts.
Saban's Masked Rider
Kamen Rider counterpart - Kamen Rider Black RX
No wonder why we haven't seen a Kamen Rider adaptation since Saban's Masked Rider.....cause it just flat out sucked. I guess I'll start with that Saban treated the show as if it were a sitcom! And if you add the Black RX footage to that, things just get worse! All I have to say is that compared to this series, it was a full 180. Aside from the team up with the Power Rangers, there was nothing redeeming about the show. All the characters were annoying, especially Ferbus......dear god I wanted to shoot him everytime I saw him! The villains were stupid, the cut editing was so bad that you can actually see the face Dex's Japanese counterpart, Kotaro Minami, not to mention they were using other Kamen Rider variations, Kamen Rider ZO and Kamen Rider J; and the atmosphere itself is like a TGIF sitcom (Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step, etc). It's with this that I show a lot of animosity towards Saban. I would understand him adapting Super Sentai for Power Rangers because Sentai is usually comedy with a touch of melodrama. But for Kamen Rider, the tone of the story is dark...like in a Batman/Spiderman sort of way, pretty much turning a dark drama into slapstick comedy. I've seen Kamen Rider Black RX, and I'll say I liked it, but it's not my favorite. Hmm, I wonder how much hate I'm going to get for that.
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Kamen Rider counterpart - Kamen Rider Ryuki
Well you see, it was exactly one week I found out about this show before it even aired. I was soo excited about it. I absolutely love this show! I'm not gonna lie. The acting is bad, but atleast it's tolerable. People, especially the Ryuki purists, say that KRDK is a disgrace to the Kamen Rider name when it doesn't (guessing they haven't seen SMR). The Wang Brothers are Kamen Rider fans. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, while not a direct adaptation, is loosely inspired by the Showa era Kamen Rider series by Shotaro Ishinomori, the creator of the series who died before Ryuki came out. It gives honor to his work. You'll notice the similarities between Xaviax and Shocker/Destron/Gorgom/etc....as well as original bike props. Most hate DK's storyline. Hating it's storyline is like hating Kuuga, Agito, Faiz, Blade, the Showa era Kamen Riders and even Shotaro Ishinomori. Ryuki's plot is based on a highlander concept. Not saying it's a bad thing, but it's a weak story and ending.

What I really liked what Kase/Siren. I'll admit, she's very attractive....probably one of the most attractive people on the show. I didn't like how most of the riders didn't get much screen time, like Incisor, Camo, and Thrust. I also didn't like how Kit was just getting developed by the ending, and we just go back to Adam and he's Dragon Knight again. Also, I didn't like the ending....but I liked it more than Ryuki's. And I HATED how CW4Kids dropped the show after Ep 37! But atleast I was able to see the rest on YouTube.

So....if there were to be another Kamen Rider series adapted, I would most definitely want to see either Kabuto or Kiva. Possibly even Kuuga. But for now, it seems as if Kamen Rider isn't just as popular as Power Rangers is. Maybe that's why there wasn't another adaptation.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Power Rangers Series Finale Opening (Fan-Made)

Something I've been working on since January(:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something totally random!


Power Rangers does NOT have to follow the original material!

Ugh! Ok. I got into this argument with this person who prefers Sentai over Power Rangers but they claim that they only liked Lost Galaxy-Wild Force JUST because it either followed Sentai's tone or followed the original material, which I think is a stupid reason. Yes, those seasons were great, but still is a stupid reason. And this person DOES hate Disney's. They claim that Power Rangers needs to be like Sentai, the tone atleast. Power Rangers does NOT have to follow the Sentai material. There isn't a rule saying Power Rangers has to go by what Sentai does.

When Power Rangers does its own original thing, its sometimes better, hence why I really liked the Zordon arc, Lost Galaxy, and RPM better. That's right, I said it. When Power Rangers follow the Sentai material, its nothing new really. Just a translation of what we already saw, one year ago! It's unoriginal. It's just copying and pasting, which some bitch about. Power Rangers has to be toned down for a reason, cause it's a kids show. Sentai is too, but over in Japan, people don't give two craps about all the stuff that happens. Power Rangers was always meant for kids, and always will be too.

This person also hopes that Saban will produce Power Rangers. Dude, if you're reading this, let me tell you something: Disney will NEVER and I mean NEVER, sell Power Rangers no matter what! Saban is gone, get over it. Move on with Sentai if you have to then. Seriously, the whole "Disney hate" is getting OLD. You are not a real fan. And I may sound like a Power Rangers fan right now, some of you may think of me as that, but I really don't care what you label me as. Cause no one knows the real me, I'll still like and dislike Sentai here and there, same with Power Rangers. Love or hate me, it's your choice.

I'm sorry for this, I was just really pissed and needed to get it off my chest.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Saban's Power Rangers

Like with Disney's, I'm going to go through all the Saban Power Rangers and give my different opinion on each series.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 1
Super Sentai counterpart - Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
OBVIOUSLY, these six are the ones that started it all and considered an "icon" for the Power Rangers since it is the first. I wasn't born the years before MMPR aired (I was born in '94) and didn't discover Power Rangers till Turbo, and boy I was completely lost! Anyway, this season wasn't bad, and Zyuranger wasn't bad either so I like both. And sure, MMPR is cheesy but its what brought Power Rangers to what it's become today. Footage didn't match which kinda bothered me but at the same time, I was cool with it.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
Super Sentai counterpart - Gosei Sentai Dairanger
I will say that this is my favorite season out of all three MMPR seasons. Tommy as White Ranger won me over, but I liked him as Green Ranger instead. Lord Zedd has to be one of my favorite villains and once again, footage didn't match because Saban decided to use Zyuranger footage in this season and mix it up with Dairanger footage. Also, since there was drama during production, some of the footage with Jason, Trini, and Zack made no sense at all. I have seen Dairanger, and I know everyone loves that season, but I thought it was an okay season for me. There were things I loved and things I didn't like. But I won't say MMPR S2 is better. Both have their pros and cons.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
Super Sentai counterpart - Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
Ok, this season kinda confused me. Because I saw the movie before the actual season. This season wasn't that great if you ask me. I was about to stop watching this season up until Kat came along. Lord Zedd wasn't as great as he was before, and I thought the Ninja powers concept was kinda lame.

Then there was the Alien Rangers saga. I somewhat enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the finale of MMPR, it leads right up into Zeo. But I really have nothing to say about it. Now, I haven't seen Kakuranger, but I'm betting Kakuranger was better.

Power Rangers Zeo
Super Sentai counterpart - Chouriki Sentai Ohranger
Ugh! This season was soooo hard to get into! It was just.....boring! I don't know how fans enjoy this one. But I'll say that this was a great spin-off to MMPR. It had a team-up with the Alien Rangers which I kinda liked. And there wasn't really a finale. It just goes right to the Turbo movie with no really explanation. I have seen bits of Ohranger and I kinda like it more than Zeo.

Power Rangers Turbo
Super Sentai counterpart - Gekisou Sentai Carranger
This was the first Power Rangers I ever saw. I actually saw the first movie and then decided to actually watch the show and here I am now. I didn't see all of Turbo when I was little. I only caught the second half and even I'll say that this season wasn't good. The season starts out as Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, which I didn't like and I was confused! Because it never told what happened to the Zeo powers or how the Turbo powers were made! The first half didn't handle the Carranger footage properly if you ask me. I did enjoy the second half however. Like everyone else, I didn't like Justin. A kid as a ranger just isn't a good idea. And yes, I know Dairanger and Ohranger did it, but I didn't like it then either. I really liked the finale however, great way to end the season and go right up into in Space. I've seen a few episodes of Carranger subbed and I like it. The comedy series are really my favorite.

Power Rangers in Space
Super Sentai counterpart - Denji Sentai Megaranger
Well you see, I really love this season as much as I love Megaranger! I fell in love by the second episode! And this was actually the first full season of Power Rangers I saw. It had everything I could want in a Power Rangers series, good characters, great costumes and zords, awesome plot, and a good tone. This season took a more mature tone compared to the first five. It's really the main reason why I fell in love with Power Rangers and are part of the fandom today. What I really liked the most from this season was the Psycho Rangers, Dark Spector, and Countdown to Destruction.....'nuff said.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Super Sentai counterpart - Seijuu Sentai Gingaman
Okay, I will admit. Like Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, this season goes really slow at first. Then I actually began to fell in love with it as soon as the Lights of Orion hit the screen. This is definitely my favorite season from Saban. And it makes number 3 on my favorite PR (Number 1 would be RPM and 2 would be in Space) This season had everything I wanted in a PR season, good characters, great costumes, plot, setting, and tone. Saban made this season have like a Star Trek kinda feel. It steers away from the Sentai material, something that Power Rangers doesn't usually do.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Super Sentai counterpart - KyuKyu Sentai GoGo V
First season that was unrelated to the past seasons until the team-up with Lost Galaxy. And the first ever Power Ranger made Ranger, the Titanuim Ranger, which he was not in GoGo V. To be honest, I thought GoGo V was really boring. I thought Lightspeed was better. And yes, I know, everyone thinks this season isn't good but I actually liked it. This season was decent to put it that way. Better than GoGo V in my opinion.

Power Rangers Time Force
Super Sentai counterpart - Mirai Sentai Timeranger
The most beloved season from Saban I believe, mainly because it remained close to the Sentai counterpart and it was handled properly. Everyone loves this season, as do I. I loved it when I was young and I still love it today. Another PR made villian, Ransik, was a great addition to Time Force. Time Force couldn't deal with some things like death, Time Blue of Timeranger was dying of a disease and Time Fire dying in the finale. All in all, it was handled well and a good season in my book. Some people weren't too happy about Jen not kissing Wes.

Power Rangers Wild Force
Super Sentai counterpart - Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Apparently this is a Disney season, But I still label it as a Saban season. The tenth and was supposed to be the final season of Power Rangers. You see, I kinda liked this season as a kid, but after rewatching it again, I don't like it much. Bad acting, unlikeable characters (coughcoughColeEvanscoughcough). I actually enjoyed Gaoranger much better than Wild Force. There was just so much......how do I put this? More epicness in Gaoranger than Wild Force to put it that way.

So, to end this, like Disney's, Saban had some good seasons and some bad seasons. Although most people think Saban's were better. In my opinion, Power Rangers is Power Rangers to me. Whether it's owned by Saban or Disney. If there's people in spandex fighting off monsters with a giant robot, it's Power Rangers to me. I'll always support Power Rangers, even if it is canceled at the moment. I will go over Saban's Masked Rider and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight next.