Monday, October 19, 2009

Nightmare on Elm Street 2010

Dear god another remake of a good movie.

If you ask me, I think the beginning with Freddy running is unnecessary. It looked like the apocalypse. And the house he's haunting, it looks nothing like the original. Plus, Robert Englund won't be playing Freddy. And at the end, you can see a glimpse of his face, and it just looks like a rubber mask to me. But the preview did look good and I will go see it, just hope it won't suck like all remakes.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Super Sentai - Not So Serious After All

And people say Super Sentai is more serious than Power Rangers.

I am a fan of Super Sentai BTW. I like both evenly.

Power Rangers RPM - Doctor K

WOW! I know this episode is old but can I say how much ass this episode kicked?! Ever since it aired I can't stop watching it, seriously I've probably watched it over 100 times now! When have we ever gotten a PR episode about the Rangers mentor? I don't recall at all but this one is definitely one of the greatest PR episodes we have seen in a long time. This episode definitely makes one of my favorite episodes in PR history. Doctor K is amazing! She is my favorite PR mentor and character from RPM, besides Gem and Gemma. I love this episode so much that I have it on my iPod! lol I have no life :P

Credit goes to powerrangercentral for uploading the episode!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm so pissed right now!


Seriously I am! Ok, here's what happened. I was on the phone with my friend James, we were talking about Philly at first and then he tells me something that happened with my other friend Alycia. He said to me that she was stabbed in the kidney and had to go to the hospital. Now, I'm worried because she's one of my closest friends and don't wanna lose her. Then James calls me back up and said that she passed away. As many of you would be, I was very upset. My friend James was crying his eyes out along with Alycia's sister who I was on the phone with. They said they're going to the hospital to go check everything out. So they hang up and I just sit at my house hoping that Alycia's ok.

Then when they call me back, they say that their back at Alycia's house and told me that she was 3 months pregnant. That made me even more upset for some reason. They're still on the phone with me bawling their eyes out that they hung up on me. They call me back and said that it was a joke. That made me so pissed off. I hung up on them and told them that I was done with them, especially James. Then I get a text message from my friend James that said the following:

"It wasn't even my idea first off...........but I could'a been done with you a loooooooooong fucking time you don't even know how many of your "friends" said that they hated you and talked shit 'bout you bu I'M the one who says "just give it time"........... but I could just tell em' straight up not to fucking talk to you and they'd happily agree.......but you could be done ALL you fucking want.........iiight. Peace. :)"

So now that made me very upset after seeing that. I texted him back saying:

"Listen, all of my friends don't hate me so I don't know where you're getting you're info buddy. And two, if they did, I honestly don't give a fuck because I don't need them then if their really going to say stuff about me like that. I wouldn't be friends with them if they said any of that. The only people that are saying this stuff is you, Alycia, and her sister. Some real friends you guys are.

He texted me back saying:

"I'm telling you the truth. No one likes you so you should just kill yourself. No one would miss you, not even your family. I would be sooooo happy if you were dead right now, that would definitely make my life. So please do us all a favor and kill yourself because no one likes you or would miss you. Faggot."

That made me upset the most. So I called up my friend Courtney and she told me to meet her up at this Wawa that I live close to. And so I did and she brought like five different people along with this and called James up and he was all scared now because I called my friend Courtney and she brought people that got my back.

So really today sucked for me. I lost 3 friends, but then I made 5 more! lol xD. But seriously though, doesn't anyone else think that's really fucked up?

Today at school, 10/9/09, all my friends found out about it before I could even tell them, and they were just as pissed as I was. All but two of my friends don't hate me, we all hate James, Alycia, her sister, and everyone else who was in on it! And I found out something else. My friend James, didn't actually like me at all. He hated me. This is what I found out from half of my friends:

"I can't FUCKING stand Sam! He's so fucking annoying and he irks my soul! I fucking hate him and want him to die!"

This is coming from someone who I thought I was friends with. He didn't like me at all, he hated me. And all those years that he stayed around and said he was my friend, yeah right. I don't need you anymore James! I'm actually living life a lot happier now that you're out of the picture! =D

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Engine Riders Kabuto

A video I thought I wouldn't pull off.

Family Guy - Pick up my Poop!

LOL I was watching the new episode of Family Guy on hulu and had to share this clip with all of you!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers returns in 2010 on ABC Kids and on toy shelves in stores everywhere!

Well everyone, it's official. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are returning in 2010! Bandai released a statement that said that the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers will be returning in 2010 on ABC Kids and on toy shelves! Fans like myself are extremely excited about this! I have no idea why Disney is doing this, but my guess is that Disney wants to introduce the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers to the new generation of kids. This could also be a test to see if kids start to watch this, then there is perhaps a chance that maybe, just maybe that Disney will produce a new season after the MMPR remastered.

Now, MMPR is being remastered. That means that it could get new music since Saban still owns all the old music. And considering that the FCC is stupid, some scenes like buildings exploding and other violence will be edited out. All in all, I am very happy about this regardless of the music or the FCC being stupid and editing out stuff they think is violent.

About Me?

Yeah, this should've gone into my complete profile but I'm didn't feel like writing everything out there. lol anyway, ummm...well what you should know about me is my name, Sam. i'm probably not the biggest Toku freak out there but I am a Toku freak especially with Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Power Rangers, more on Kamen Rider and Super Sentai though. Tokusatsu will probably never leave my life, not as long as there is Kamen Rider and Sentai around. I like Jap dramas and anime too. I'm addicted to Kingdom Hearts. It is the greatest game ever! I've played all the games over 1000 times and it still never gets old! I'm just waiting for the new games to be released. Oh and Mortal Kombat is awesome too! You can find me on YouTube as silgmes, HJU as KamenRiderWingKnight, and RangerCrew as ShinkenBlue.

Now, why the name MegaPurple? Well, Megaranger is the most AMAZING Sentai ever! And Purple is just an awesome color! Power Chamber as my blog name? I know it's from Power Rangers Turbo I think. I'm not creative with names ok?! Above is my attempt of making a MegaPurple icon. It's MegaBlue's helmet just painted over in the color purple.

Well anyway, what I'll be talking about on here is basically Toku, Kingdom Hearts, MK maybe, and my life, which probably no one is interested. So I'll be going now. Look foward to my future posts!