Saturday, October 30, 2010

My YouTube Channel Terminated

It happened at least two days ago. I received copyright claims from Toei for using their material in the MVs I made. I guess you can't even make MVs on YouTube anymore. So, my main one, and my two other ones are gone forever. I haven't exactly made a new one lately cause I've been so worked up. If I ever do, I'll make a shout out.

Also, my blog got messed up as well, the same day my YouTube accounts got terminated. It wouldn't let me sign in, and said that my blog was terminated, but I just recovered it today so everything seems fine for the moment.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poll Results - PR Season Improve/Super Goseiger/90s Sentai

Poll #1 - If there was a Power Rangers season that needed improvement the most, which would it be?

10 voted Turbo
3 voted for Wild Force
12 voted for Mystic Force
29 voted for Operation Overdrive
10 voted for Other

64 votes total. I voted for Operation Overdrive. That season had probably the most coolest storyline ever, and all that wasted potential went down the drain, just like that.

Poll #2 - What do you think of Super Goseiger?

16 voted Awesome
12 voted Pretty Cool
5 voted I've seen better
And no one voted A waste

33 votes total. I voted for Pretty Cool. I like the design a lot. It kinda reminds me of Magiranger's power up. I'm not so sure about the crystal ball thing at the end of their staffs though.

Poll #3 - What is your favortie Super Sentai series from the 90s?

No one voted for Fiveman
2 voted for Jetman
7 voted for Zyuranger
6 voted for Dairanger
1 voted for Kakuranger
1 voted for Ohranger
1 voted for Carranger
2 voted for Megaranger
2 voted for Gingaman
2 voted for GoGo V

24 votes total. Poor Fiveman, it's the least popular series. Zyuranger seems to be quite popular though. I voted for Megaranger. That goes as my second favorite Sentai season, behind Boukenger.

How Power Rangers Samurai will be handled

The latest news/rumors for Power Rangers Samurai are that PRS is going to be very close to Shinkenger. Since it's a new writing staff, it's understandable because they'll get an idea of how the show works. PRS is also going to have two seasons instead of just one, just like MMPR, kinda. There are also going to be some elements from MMPR used, like Skinny Mack and Big Jack kinda being the Bulk and Skull for this season. And since PRS is getting two seasons, maybe Saban Brands can use footage of Shinkenger mini-series Toei has planned for season two depending on the footage.

The names for the Rangers changed. Here are the new names for each Ranger:
Red Ranger - Jayden
Blue Ranger - Kevin
Pink Ranger - Mia
Green Ranger - Mike
Yellow Ranger - Emily
Gold Ranger - Wesley
Rangers' Mentor - Takeru (Homage to Shinkenger anyone?)

Some of you are probably wondering about the Shinkenger/Decade team-up footage. Well, I was told Saban Brands did buy the rights to the footage, but I have no idea what they will do or how they will work.

Personally, I like the idea of having two seasons rather than one for PRS, because then they can plan something totally cool if they decide to adapt Goseiger. Plus, Goseiger is very much good enough for a anniversary theme. I think they purposely set this up, since Goseiger has alot of elements from the MMPR.

-The color scheme (Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Blue)
-The suits/helmets/mecha are very similar to the ones in MMPR.
-Master Head is like Zordon.
-Datas is like Alpha.
-The villains are kinda similar.

Hey, they can even make it something like in Space/Lost Galaxy or give off some elements from both seasons. They can even make GoseiKnight a Magna Defender like character. I would totally love to see another Space season again. And depending on how well PRS does, we MAY even see a movie.

If you haven't already, check out for the 145 Days of Power Rangers. Don't forget that reruns of the series start October, hopefully it will be this Friday. :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of Junior Year

Yeup. Today was my first day of Junior year in High School. Which means that I'll have less time on here now. But never fear, I'll still be on from time to time, just not as much as I was in the summer. I'll most likely update or check the site out on weekends, and sometimes after school if I have time. I can already tell this is gonna be a busy year for me!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why David Yost left Power Rangers

No Pink Spandex released their interview with David Yost and in this part of the interview, he talks about why he left. Please watch the video first before you read what's below.

All I have to say is that's really messed up. I witness all kinds of homophobia everywhere. I'm gay myself along with most of my friends, but none of us really seem to get picked on like Yost did. I'll get called a faggot once in a while, but not a lot like Yost. I guess because being gay isn't as bad as an issue as it was back then. But all this coming from the writers and producers is really messed up. I don't understand why people have a problem with someone being gay. It's really dumb. A person's sexuality doesn't change the person. They're the same person you knew, just they like their gender. Nothing wrong with it. Love is love. Even if I wasn't gay, I wouldn't have a problem with LGBT people. I never got a gay vibe from him, and usually I can tell if people are gay or not. But poor guy. He was the most loyal cast member of Power Rangers. He stayed for 4 years, and he could have walked off the second someone called him a faggot the first time, and who knows when that was. David Yost is my new hero.

Shinkenger unadaptable?

It has been said throughout the Sentai and PR fandom that Shinkenger is 'unadaptable' and 'too Japanese' for Power Rangers. Some make up silly rumors like it's the reason why Disney quit with the show, Toei is getting pay back for what Disney did to Power Rangers, etc. I laugh at the second one.

This is what I say, it was more difficult to adapt Carranger, Megaranger, Gingaman, and Go-Onger due to the tone, maturity level, and story Power Rangers was going for. I don't see anything wrong with Shinkenger except for the Kanji and Kuroko. That's the only problem really. People think that all Sentai footage has to be used. Kids won't care about Japanese symbols on the helmets, all they care about is seeing five adults in spandex kick some butt, the effects, and of course the Megazord. The White Ranger Zord cockpit footage in MMPR Season 2 had Chinese symbols everywhere. Once you remove all the civilian scenes, the fights that take place in typical areas of Japan, there's a lot of usable material left. The Kanji in the mech's cockpits can be easily hide with CGI. Hey, they might even keep it, who knows? And the footage with the Kuroko just won't be used if this is the case.

Anybody who tells you that Shinkenger is "unadaptable" is ignorant at best, and an idiot at worst. Shinkenger is perfectly adaptable, all it needs is a strong plot, great characters, good acting, and a totally epic theme song. Just because producers are lazy doesn't mean that it isn't. Yes Tzachor, I'm looking at you.


Yup. I'm back from my vacation. I've actually been back since Monday night. I just keep forgetting do make a post about it. XD Well, I can say I enjoyed my vacation aside from the family drama going on. And after this vacation, I've realized how much I don't like Disney World.

The people there are probably the most IGNORANT AND RUDE people, ever. Even the people who work there. For example, they would pick up an attitude and cause a fight if someone just bumped into them, that happened to me. I swear he was on something. Another is when this party of family got mad because they thought another party cut in front of them in line, for Winnie The Pooh. It's crazy there. But I enjoyed seeing that fight. I regret not filming it. XD

The food, in my resort at least, is so disgusting. It was all greasy and unhealthy food, except for like five-six things. But then again, it's Disney and I'm supposed to be on vacation I guess. However, I enjoyed the food at Disney's watered down version of Mexico, China, and Italy in Epcot. I got free food cause I had the dining plan thing so I honestly don't know why I'm complaining. xp

If some of you didn't know, I pretty much go every year for a family vacation. I used to love it a lot when I was kid, but now it's just plain boring. Because I know everything, there's literally nothing for me to do down there, nothing for people my age. There's stuff for kids and adults, but nothing for me. It's all kid rides and such and then the adults have Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island and stuff...but really nothing for me. Rockin' Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror, and Space Mountain though, they are amazing! =D

I can say I enjoyed myself, but I was bored half the time. I think that if I brought a friend with me, I probably wouldn't have been as bored as I was. I'm glad to be home and that this summer is coming to a close, cause honestly, my summer sucked. I actually can't wait to get back to school.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear everyone, I am currently on my way home from my vacation. I should be home by tomorrow, there's a possibility by tonight. See ya then! =D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I so totally like how Disney exploits Marvel better than they did with Power Rangers. I passed at least 5 shops with tons of Marvel stuff in it. I was in Disney by the way.
I'm in Hollywood Studios at Disney right? And the Power Rangers are nowhere in site. But I still see toys. Just thought that this should be known. XD

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Poll Results - Movie Reboot/Favorite Toku

Poll #1 - Which Super Sentai series do you think could be used for a Power Rangers movie reboot?
41 votes total.
19 voted for Shinkenger
8 voted for Goseiger
7 voted for Zyuranger
7 voted for Other

I voted for Goseiger because I could totally see Saban do something epic with it. The suits and mecha are similarly close to MMPR so it could be kinda like a revamp of some kind. People probably voted for Shinkenger because it was the next Sentai that was going to be used for Power Rangers. Zyuranger is in there for of course the suits and mecha and such. Other could be any Sentai series you want, Dekaranger, Magiranger, etc.

Poll #2 - What is your favorite Tokusatsu franchise?
48 votes total. Multiply choice.
31 voted for Kamen Rider
30 voted for Power Rangers
29 voted for Super Sentai
10 voted for Other
9 voted for Ultraman
8 voted for Tomica Hero
7 voted for Metal Heroes

I voted for Power Rangers, OBVIOUSLY. God, I don't know what I would do if Power Rangers wasn't in my life. XD Not many votes for Metal Heroes? I thought it was really popular? Other could mean whatever else I missed.

A little announcement - WILL NOT be here next week!

Alright, so next Saturday, I will be venturing off to what is called "the happiest place on Earth." If you guessed Walt Disney World, you get a freakin' cookie. I have been forced to go there EVERY year since I was born. I feel bad announcing this on short notice. But I'm pretty sure you all will survive a good week and a half without me. Lol I will not be here from August 14th to August 23rd, 24th maybe. Nor will I have access to a computer. I have Blogger through my phone, but it's like sending it a text and it's just weird so I might not update, unless people want to hear about how Bugs Bunny, I mean, Mickey Mouse is doing. XD

Friday, August 6, 2010

Power Rangers 2011: Ranger Cast REVEALED

Alex Heartment will be playing our Red Samurai Ranger, Reese.

Najee-de-Tiege will be playing our Blue Samurai Ranger, Baron.

Erika Fong will be playing our Pink Samurai Ranger, Sadie.

Hector David Jr. will be playing our Green Samurai Ranger, Parry.

Brittany Pirtle will be playing our Yellow Samurai Ranger, Ava.

Steven Skyler will be playing our Gold Samurai Ranger, Wesley.

Nice looking choices.Very basic, that's my whole style. But really, it's not about what it looks like. This is about the cast, and how much work they've put into this! I'm happy for them all, and I congratulate all those who put a lot of hard work and dedication into this entire process.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Power Rangers 2011: Green and Yellow Rangers CONFIRMED

Just got this information from Henshin Justice and Rangerboard.

Hector David Jr. will be playing our Green Samurai Ranger, Parry. He's a breakdancer/model.

Brittany Pirtle will be playing our Yellow Samurai Ranger, Ava. She kinda looks like Carrie Underwood, just a little bit.

Good-looking choices I must say. We're definitely getting an old school Saban-style PR cast. Congratulations to them! Now we're just waiting on the rest of the cast!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I prefer Power Rangers over Sentai

Go ahead. Scream at me for using a remastered MMPR image.

People think it's kind of a shocker that I prefer Power Rangers over Super Sentai, but I think Super Sentai is a better franchise, and I like Power Rangers more....if that makes any sense?

Super Sentai has higher quality of writing, characterization, believable performances by the casts, and a bigger budget. Not to mention a better handle on what entertaining action looks like. Above is an image of Bioman, which I think is probably one of the BEST series I have ever seen! Thank you Fantasy Leader! XD

Power Rangers, on the other hand, is my childhood. I grew up with it. It's the thing that has stayed with me since I started watching it back in '97, and from that point on it's played a large part of my life. The key to continuing success for Power Rangers is always present something new and inventive, even knowing that most of the material comes from Sentai. Without originality, Power Rangers would be known as nothing more than an "English version" of Super Sentai. And no matter how bad the season may be, there is always at least one original thing that wasn't seen in the original material. Like for example, MMPR is about overbearing teenagers living their teenage life while fighting off a evil alien witch and her minions, where as Zyuranger is about ancient warriors from the past defending the planet from their sworn enemy.

Wild Force was an exact replica of Gaoranger, but watered down a little bit, and bad acting. The only thing that was new was Master Org, I think? Another example is Lost Galaxy. The setting was way different from Gingaman, took place in a Space Colony called Terra Venture. As well as added the Megaship, DECA, and Alpha from the previous season.

There was a thriving fandom for Power Rangers long before there was one for Sentai and Toku itself, and I knew people for years based purely on debates about how Astronema was Andros' sister, or why Goldar suddenly became lame in Season 3. You can't override those memories.

No matter how good Sentai is, it will NEVER take the place Power Rangers holds in my heart. I'll probably never grow out of Power Rangers, but I know for sure that I won't ever leave it for Super Sentai. I think both should just be enjoyed on their own merits.

One thing I do like about Sentai is how they let their heroes be their own comic relief. Even someone who's as much of a steadfast adventurer as BoukenRed has his silly side. It used to be with Power Rangers that they'd have the villains played for laughs or comic relief supporting characters like Bulk and Skull while the Rangers took themselves very seriously. The show's gotten better about that though.

These last few series of Sentai have been a let down for me. Last strong Sentai that I thought was really good was Gekiranger. Go-Onger was good, but RPM is amazing. Had a stronger plot, better characters, and a good tone, especially for a Disney season. Shinkenger is claimed as the best, it had a good start I'll admit, but I think it's greatly overrated...the story is too bland for me and episodes were boring. And Goseiger, like Shinkenger, the plot is bland for me. Had a good start until they started bringing in mecha that is really unnecessary and annoying. There's a plot for at least every mecha they introduce. There are a few good episodes here and there, but it's still not all that good. I'm hoping Saban won't let me down with Season 18, what I'm really looking forward to.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Final Thoughts on MMPRv2

The reversion for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is pretty much over now, so I wanted to give my final thoughts.

The new opening sequence wasn't a bad change, actually. The only graphic I didn't like from the opening was the Rangers posing with the words "Go Go" around them.

People complained about the Batman-like graphics. I was bothered by this. It was totally unnecessary. That last one just irks, so much.

I didn't mind the pauses and changes in the background. They were actually pretty cool looking. Although the last one kinda gives you a headache just by looking at it right? Hahaha.

I really didn't like how they would foreshadow and recap what were about to see and what we just saw. It was annoying, even for the first time.

The ones above are ones I felt that were really unnecessary. When Jason does a kick, the viewer is flipped? The pink power coin shows up unexpectedly? And the last one showing us telling us what the zord was...totally pointless.

Also, the Dance Off was a complete waste of time. But anything to fill up the time they have right?

These ones I thought were pretty cool, actually. They helped improve the show a little bit. I always liked the idea of Ranger profiles as a commercial bumper.

So, the reversion is terrible, but some graphics are good in a way. I most certainly won't miss it, but it gave me something to look forward to at the end of each week. Now I'll be looking forward to watching older seasons and new episodes every Sunday and Saturday on Nicktoons and Nickelodeon.