Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why David Yost left Power Rangers

No Pink Spandex released their interview with David Yost and in this part of the interview, he talks about why he left. Please watch the video first before you read what's below.

All I have to say is that's really messed up. I witness all kinds of homophobia everywhere. I'm gay myself along with most of my friends, but none of us really seem to get picked on like Yost did. I'll get called a faggot once in a while, but not a lot like Yost. I guess because being gay isn't as bad as an issue as it was back then. But all this coming from the writers and producers is really messed up. I don't understand why people have a problem with someone being gay. It's really dumb. A person's sexuality doesn't change the person. They're the same person you knew, just they like their gender. Nothing wrong with it. Love is love. Even if I wasn't gay, I wouldn't have a problem with LGBT people. I never got a gay vibe from him, and usually I can tell if people are gay or not. But poor guy. He was the most loyal cast member of Power Rangers. He stayed for 4 years, and he could have walked off the second someone called him a faggot the first time, and who knows when that was. David Yost is my new hero.


  1. David Yost officially rules now. I can't believe what he went through-- on the set of a kid's show. He's an amazing man, and I greatly admire him now. No one should ever feel so bad about who they are, that they break down, and no place of employment should judge people based off of their sexuality, and institute a witch hunt. Hope to see more of him in the future.

  2. I am opposed to homosexuality period. But Billy was a loyal cast member and probably the most significant after Tommy. Tommy was all over the show and he was and still is tops by fans. I always wondered why Billy left. After he left for Aquitar a piece of the show died. I never suspected Yost was gay. He seemed pretty normal. I do feel bad for the guy, gay or not. But I am a Billy fan forever!