Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yup. I'm back from my vacation. I've actually been back since Monday night. I just keep forgetting do make a post about it. XD Well, I can say I enjoyed my vacation aside from the family drama going on. And after this vacation, I've realized how much I don't like Disney World.

The people there are probably the most IGNORANT AND RUDE people, ever. Even the people who work there. For example, they would pick up an attitude and cause a fight if someone just bumped into them, that happened to me. I swear he was on something. Another is when this party of family got mad because they thought another party cut in front of them in line, for Winnie The Pooh. It's crazy there. But I enjoyed seeing that fight. I regret not filming it. XD

The food, in my resort at least, is so disgusting. It was all greasy and unhealthy food, except for like five-six things. But then again, it's Disney and I'm supposed to be on vacation I guess. However, I enjoyed the food at Disney's watered down version of Mexico, China, and Italy in Epcot. I got free food cause I had the dining plan thing so I honestly don't know why I'm complaining. xp

If some of you didn't know, I pretty much go every year for a family vacation. I used to love it a lot when I was kid, but now it's just plain boring. Because I know everything, there's literally nothing for me to do down there, nothing for people my age. There's stuff for kids and adults, but nothing for me. It's all kid rides and such and then the adults have Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island and stuff...but really nothing for me. Rockin' Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror, and Space Mountain though, they are amazing! =D

I can say I enjoyed myself, but I was bored half the time. I think that if I brought a friend with me, I probably wouldn't have been as bored as I was. I'm glad to be home and that this summer is coming to a close, cause honestly, my summer sucked. I actually can't wait to get back to school.

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