Friday, August 6, 2010

Power Rangers 2011: Ranger Cast REVEALED

Alex Heartment will be playing our Red Samurai Ranger, Reese.

Najee-de-Tiege will be playing our Blue Samurai Ranger, Baron.

Erika Fong will be playing our Pink Samurai Ranger, Sadie.

Hector David Jr. will be playing our Green Samurai Ranger, Parry.

Brittany Pirtle will be playing our Yellow Samurai Ranger, Ava.

Steven Skyler will be playing our Gold Samurai Ranger, Wesley.

Nice looking choices.Very basic, that's my whole style. But really, it's not about what it looks like. This is about the cast, and how much work they've put into this! I'm happy for them all, and I congratulate all those who put a lot of hard work and dedication into this entire process.


  1. where did you find this info?

    BTW if i were to choose the names and actors for the show here is whom i would choose:

    Red Ranger-Sasuke Mikami
    Sotaro from Gekiranger, i chose him because i thought about having a sentai actor play in power rangers and i believe sotaro is perfect since he was born in the united states and speaks english.

    Blue Ranger-Baron Gousse
    Tyler James Williams

    Pink Ranger-Rachel Lee
    Emma Roberts

    Green Ranger-Chris Mcphee
    Paul Butcher Jr.

    Yellow Ranger-Katie Torres
    Victoria Justice

    Gold Ranger-Steve Vortex
    Ryan Ochoa

    the names next to the ranger title are the character names and on the bottom is the respective actor

  2. Rangerboard, Ranger Crew, Henshin Justice.

    I'm not so sure about Victoria Justice though. She's got her show Victorious at the moment.

  3. I think this is fake. Until the cast is revealed, I will not believe you. And I mean from a relyable source!

  4. Uhh, it's definitely real from a RELIABLE source, Rangerboard. Believe what you want, I really don't care.

  5. This is the real cast, they begin filming in a couple weeks.
    They chose these actors because they are no-names, but attractive and great actors. I think they'll kick ass, but who knows!

  6. the official power morphicon site

    also the cast starting filming in New Zealand last week. the rest of the cast still hasn't been released yet. also besides original Exec Producer Jonathan Tzachor returing to Exec Produce, Tony Oliver is returning as well.