Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today was my last day of school! :D

Yep, I am NO LONGER a Sophomore. I am pretty much a Junior now! My Sophomore Year was crazy and dramatic as anything! But today has pretty much a good day. I was bad and skipped every class today, which means I'll probably get in trouble next year for it! xD Now this means I'll have more time for blogging and video making so expect some new stuff!

I am starting to get back into Sentai also! In honor of this, I made this. This video is kinda like a comeback for me, since I haven't made anything in a while. Expect some more posts and videos, coming this summer! :D


  1. Congratulations KR (Kingdom Rider)! :D

    And really nice vid too. Good job! ;)

  2. Congrats. I got out of school 12 days ago! And this year was crazy for me too lol

    Nice video too, btw!