Wednesday, June 30, 2010

History of Power Rangers by Linkara

Some of you may know of a website called If you don't, check it out, it's awesome. For intros, I'd recommend anything from "Nostalgia Critic" and "Bum Reviews" to understand what this site is about. Anyway, the point is, one of their reviewers (Linkara, the "bad comics" specialist) is doing a series of videos on each season. The good thing is, as he's explaining it in the introduction video, he's gonna do a "serious analysis" of each season. As 6/30/10, he only has up to Lost Galaxy finished. If you're a PR fan like, you should check it out. I certainly enjoyed it. :D

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  1. He does a very good job. ^__^

    I've been thinking about doing reviews for the Japanese toku myself (since I know Japanese, and that no one else is doing it). Just a thought.