Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Poll Results - Saban and Power Rangers/Disney Seasons/Shinken Adapation Name/Dislike Power Rangers

Poll #1 - Now that Saban owns Power Rangers, what do you think will happen?
42 out of 58 said Shinkenger Adaptation 
11 out of 58 said Goseiger Adaptation
3 out of 58 said re-airing of older seasons
2 out of 58 said nothing
I voted for Shinkenger Adaptation. And please know that I put this poll up right as soon as I heard Saban bought back Power Rangers. Thank you.
Poll #2 - Did you actually enjoy the Disney seasons?
13 out of 51 said yes
22 out of 51 said some
7 out of 51 said only one
9 out of 51 said no
I voted for some. I did enjoy some, not all.

Poll #3 - What name do you think is best for Shinkenger’s adaptation?
18 out of 57 said Samurai Force
35 out of 57 said Samurai Strike
3 out of 57 said Samurai Storm
1 out of 57 said Team Samurai
After looking at them now, I think they're all terrible names. But Samurai Strike won. Personally, I think, now, that "Power Rangers Samurai" fits.

Poll #4 - BE HONEST, do you hate Power Rangers?
0 out of 32 said yes
29 out of 32 said no
3 out of 32 said only Disney’s
That's right, I will not tolerate any Power Rangers hate on this blog! :D
New polls are up now! Be sure to vote!

1 comment:

  1. I voted saying I liked just one of the Disney seasons. That would be RPM. :)

    I actually didn't vote on the Shinkenger Adaptation name one. I'm hoping the title can at least be a bit creative, or not sound too fancy.

    For the last poll... if I voted on this a couple years ago, I would've said "yes." xD (it's what happens when you grow up getting attacked by PR fanatics. Still happens. But don't care as much anymore now :) ) So anyway, I voted "no." ;)

    And yup! I've already voted on your new polls! ^__^