Sunday, April 4, 2010

My first thoughts on Goseiger

Ugh... If you've been watching Tensou Sentai Goseiger and loving it so far, then I am so very happy for you. Because I just am not that impressed so far. There are many story and character reasons as to why the show isn't wowing me. But another reason is that a lot of the show's gimmicks just aren't of much interest. Particularly the overuse of the card system and the sometimes awkward-looking Header sequences for the mech scenes. Add to that the fact that the team's personal assistant character is a walking, talking version of the Dice-O arcade game and you've got yourself a triple-threat of fail in my book.
Don't get me wrong. I actually go for the series' that have cuteness and randomness...but this series isn't doing it for me. It's got a retro feel and I like it. I really liked it until Episode 6, which started to go down hill for me. Some might tell me that I'm overreacting, that it's only the beginning that the show may change. And they may be right. But as of right now, Goseiger doesn't seem to wow me as much as past seasons. I may just go back and watch Shinkenger, at least that was decent.

 I've also come to that I may stop watching Sentai. I'm not totally sure yet, I won't stop for good. If I do stop, I'll probably just watch older ones or something. But right now, Sentai has really let me down. Makes me wish that there was a new season of Power Rangers (You can totally tell I prefer Power Rangers over Sentai more xP).

On a side note, I really love the new ending! :D


  1. Goseiger is actually very well set up. But the big problem, is that we still don't really know what the story is supposed to be about. Goseiger isn't awful, but it's not really good at the moment. It most likely is just having a slow start like many Sentai do. Although it bothers me that they take these early episodes to introduce more mecha. -__-
    I think it's fine that Goseiger is going slow at the moment. But after Go-onger and Shinkenger, I'd wish they could speed things up a bit and do something more interesting.

    Though I don't understand why you prefer Power Rangers more. :P

  2. Yeah...maybe I worded my opinion on it wrong. I'm trying to say that I think it's interesting but at the same time it's kinda bland and slow...kinda like Kamen Rider Dragon Knight at first. My opinion will most likely change later on in the series. And like you said, I also hate how they're introducing more mecha early. I seem to recall that Gekiranger was the only recent series that didn't do this. I really don't like that talking Dice-O thing though.

    Why I prefer Power Rangers over Sentai? I think the stories and characters are more interesting. I pretty much grew up with Power Rangers and I'm used to the cheesiness and writing it has throughout each season. I used to just like Power Rangers before RPM, but my love for it returned ever since the series ended. I've been obsessed with MMPR lately, I even went so far that I bought the DVDs from Europe. Don't get me wrong, I still like's just I haven't really liked a series since Go-Onger, Shinkenger was decent. And I'm worried that sooner or later, I'm gonna come out and say "I hate Sentai."

    When it comes to Zeo, Wild Force, Overdrive, and Jungle Fury, I'll pick Sentai. Seasons like MMPR S1, in Space, Time Force, and SPD, I'll like them evenly with their Sentai equivalents. And the rest were either better or worse than their counterparts for me. But Sentai seems to let me down lately. I may just watch one of the older series. Have any suggestions? I want to try either Sun Vulcan, Bioman or Flashman. I don't know which one or understand Japanese! D:

  3. Ah. So it's your own special attachment to Power Rangers.

    You won't hate Sentai. That would just be narrow-minded. Which I know you are not. You hated Operation Overdrive, but that didn't make you hate Power Rangers. So there's nothing to worry about. Besides, the last couple years of Sentai have been a bit weird. But there's still plenty of seasons before it that are still enjoyable. Sentai is always changing. Maybe for us, for the worse. I liked Shinkenger. But I admit, I was still kind of shaken by how it was handled. Again, there's nothing to worry about. ;)

    Honestly, I really would recommend watching the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s seasons of Sentai. They're awesome compared to the last couple years. Although the really big problem, is that they lack subs. I personally would recommend all seasons from Bioman to present. I like them all, as I study each season to find their gems. For you, it probably will depend on personal opinion like most people. Anyway, I'm working on translating the seasons, so hopefully that helps.

    PS: Thanks for your info. ;)

  4. Well yes, I did hate Overdrive and I still love Power Rangers...but this is TWO Sentai series' in a row that I don't like. I almost stopped watching Power Rangers for good because of Overdrive and the first half of Jungle Fury, thank goodness I didn't stop though.

    I took your advice, I saw the first three episodes of Bioman, I like it. I might stick with it. Though I'm watching the English dub and the voices are SO cheesy! But then again all Tokusatsu is pretty much cheesy. xP I was also thinking about trying Hurricanger and Magiranger again.