Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm suffering......vidder's block! D:

Oh no! I'm suffering from vidder's block! Not good! To put it in better words, I ran out of video ideas. Actually, I do have some ideas it's just, I'm not exactly sure if I want to go with them.

Idea #1 - Remake of KH/RPM Video
Technically, it's not  a remake of the Kingdom Hearts/RPM video I made but it is (if that even makes any sense). It's kinda extended, more of an MV. It's mainly gonna revolve around Dillon and Tenaya like the previous one. Using clips of Dillon's memories, him and Tenaya together, and a few other one's that I'll need.

 Idea #2 - KH 358/2 Days MV
A KH video I've been wanting to do for a while...a MV of KH 358/2 Days set to the song either "Already Over" by RED or "Fight For Justice" by Keisuke Kato (Keisuke Nago/Kamen Rider Ixa). Though not sure if this idea will happen or don't know which song I'll go with if it happens.

Idea #3 - Kamen Rangers - OaR Opening
Another Kamen Ranger opening but for Once a Ranger. Currently in progress but not finished yet. Not giving out the song because I know there are certain people who will go off and do the same thing as me. Sorry.

Idea #4 - MMPR MV (Seasons of Love)
Ok, I started this and pretty much stopped working on it, mainly cause I need to pretty much gather clips of the entire MMPR series. But this MV is dedicated to the original six of MMPR, using the song "Seasons of Love" from RENT. Not much of an action MV, more of a tribute to the characters in their teen lives. I kinda got inspired off a similar video that didn't have any audio.

And that's about it. I kinda need help on what I want to get done first. I really want to do 1 and 4. I put up a poll for everyone to help me decide what I should do. Hopefully these aren't lame ideas...and if they are then oh well, I'm still doing them:)

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