Monday, March 8, 2010

Alright! I'm seriously pissed off this time!

This absolutely has nothing to do with Tokusatsu, Anime, Kingdom Hearts, or anything in that matter. This is REAL-LIFE drama that is going on right now at this very moment!

Everyone remember that kid James I mentioned in one of my earlier posts? Well, he's starting drama with my boyfriend.

Alright, my boyfriend's Facebook status had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with James. This girl who will remain anonymous, commented on his status saying shit like why is my boyfriend starting with him? And he wasn't. Then the girl was saying things like she's gonna have people jump him if he keeps talking about him...and then James came in saying this:
"Wooow....way to be a fucking pussy and do this over facebook.......if you really have something to say to me say it TO MY FACE. you think your suchh hott shitt but your really not. and dont think i wont just stand back and lett you saay thiss shit.....Trust me............shitt will pop off....."

So yeah, I'm kinda pissed right now. Someone who used to be friends with me just threatened my boyfriend. Doesn't anyone else think that it's messed up how someone who was my friend comes back and tries to start shit with my own boyfriend?

Here's some questions you guys are probably asking:
Q: How does he know your boyfriend?
A: They knew each other in the beginning of the school year...started going out at the end of November, James broke up with him cause he didn't really like him much....he basically used him. My boyfriend liked me anyway when they were going out:)

Q: Why did the girl come in and start trouble in the first place?
A: My guess is that she found out about all the drama and wanted to end it, but all she did was cause more.

Q: Why is James such a prick?
A: Cause he is:)

Why is high school full of drama? I know I'm a bitch for doing this, but I really don't care at the moment. Sorry everyone. I usually don't do posts like this...if anyone doesn't mind, I would like to hear another person's view on this instead of hearing from my friends. Again, I'm sorry for this. I'll make it up to you all! Enjoy this video I made! :D


  1. Sounds like typical human stupidity. Sorry to hear this.

    I'm still trying to work my way into the MMPR theme song, but thanks anyway. XD

  2. Yeah...I keep getting threatened but nothing's screw him and screw all his friends..