Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight gets a Character Song Album?

As most of my friends know, I am a big fan of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight...and I'm really surprised to hear that it's getting a Character Song Album. No, it's not in English, sadly. It's all in Japanese. It's new music for the Japanese audiences.

To confirm this, we have these Japanese websites. If someone knows how to read Japanese, please try to translate it for us! But the descriptions seem to include mention of major recording artist GACKT (who famously provided his voice, and his on-screen presence for Kamen Rider Decade). Also, I recently found out that Dragon Knight will be getting a full DVD release of the series. I'm so jealous. Japanese fans get all the toys and the whole series on DVD! Whether they want them or not, they get them. D:
Here is or at least a small piece of one of the songs, part of this is the introduction to the series. Which happens to be narrated by Tomokazu Sugita, who played the voice of Kivat in Kamen Rider Kiva and also contributes a pretty amazing voice performance for JTC/Strike from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. The song is titled "Dive into the Mirror," by Defspiral. How epicly amazing does this sound!? :D

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