Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sooo, I'm writing this short film....

This idea just came out of nowhere, but I'm doing this short film with me and my friends. I don't have a title yet, still debating on the titles "Dawn of Destiny," and "Wave Goodbye" (Yes! They're both PR Episode Title names!).

Two gay teenagers, Tom and Drew, who are in love (Got a problem with gay people? F**k off then.) were supposed to celebrate their four month anniversary. Instead, Tom kills himself because he is picked on constantly by class mates, and even family...also because he fears that his boyfriend, Drew, does not like him anymore and suspects him of cheating. One week after his death, Drew talks to his friends, Volkie and Madison, about Tom's death, talking about how much Tom meant to Drew. Drew wanted to spend the rest of his life with Tom, and he meant it.

Suddenly, one night while Drew was getting ready for bed, Tom's ghost appeared and talked to Drew about why he killed himself. Then Tom tells him that all of this is all a dream, but it will come true. He asks Drew to wake up. Drew wakes up and finds himself in the same place him and Tom were in before Tom's death, realizing that he was only day dreaming. Before Tom departed from his lover, Drew realized what Tom said was true, his death was going to happen and he needed to stop it. Drew tries to stop Tom, but fails. Drew then finds himself in the same position again, Drew experienced Deja Vu and succeeds in stopping Tom from his death. Explains how much he loves him and doesn't want him to hurt himself just because of what everyone else thinks. In the end, Tom doesn't kill himself and doesn't care what everyone else thinks.

That's pretty much it. Me and my friend are currently still writing the script and trying to get cast members, plus I need to get a camera off someone. The film will most likely be 10-15 minutes, hopefully on YouTube...if not, on here. There is going to be use of BGM from different Sentai series, mainly Go-Onger. And that's pretty much it. We'll start shooting by next week hopefully? If not, sometime soon.

Oh and by the way, if anyone has a problem with LGBT people, then by all means f**k you and don't watch the film. Thanks :)


  1. I think you should use "Dawn of Destiny" as your title. I think it goes along well with the story.

  2. I think the title should be "Ghost of a Chance".