Monday, February 8, 2010

My final thoughts on Shinkenger.....and first thoughts on Goseiger

Well you see, I actually finished watching this season faster than I expected. I'm not gonna go over what I already said in my previous posts, I'm just giving my final thoughts. To be quite honest, I liked it, but I have seen better. This season has been a slow one. I actually liked the first half, then I thought it went all down hill after the Shinkenger/Decade team-up, then it went up around Ep 36 for me. I still think that the Super Shinken modes and half of the origami was unnecessary, there was too much focus on Takeru/ShinkenRed and not enough development for the others. The finale, I have seen better. Well, it was the final episode actually. There wasn't an epilogue or anything, describing what the others did afterwards. But I'll admit the finale was fitting for Shinkenger atleast.

And to be honest, I'm really upset that there isn't gonna be another Power Rangers season. I was really looking forward to a Shinkenger adaptation, cause after seeing what Go-Onger has become, I fully believe that a Shinkenger adaptation would do good (if in the right hands that is).

Well you see, I like the whole using card scheme, Kamen Rider anyone? lol and I like the mecha and costume designs, very Showa! Reminds me of Zyuranger/MMPR in a way. Wonder if there will be an Evil Green Goseiger! xD Anyways, judging by the promo, it seems as if this season will be a childish one. I mean, the actors themselves other than GoseiBlue look like little kids! GoseiRed looks like he's ten! And the theme song, it's does sound a bit childish. But then again, I shouldn't judge a series by a promo. Trust me when I say this, but every year when there's a new season of Sentai coming out, I always say that I won't like it. Then my mind changes after a few episodes, except for Shinkenger. But anyways, like every other season, I'll give this one a chance. If I like it after a few episodes, I'll stick around. If not, then I guess I'll just move on with Double and MMPRv2.

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