Monday, February 22, 2010

Kingdom Hearts Opening -RPM Remix-

I'm weird ok??

I've been obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and Power Rangers RPM lately, me and my bestfriend were extremely bored, and decided to make this, and he doesn't even like Toku!

It's a little short MV about Dillon and Tenaya from Power Rangers RPM using KH's opening theme. It is supposed to look like the actual Kingdom Hearts opening only it's Power Rangers RPM. Yeah, not by best work, but it should give you a few laughs....if not, probably a "WTF?" If you mix them together in the right way, it kinda makes sense. Dillon as Sora and Tenaya as Riku, only she's a girl! xP Sora's friends were missing and was looking them, while Dillon lost his sister and is now looking for her. Riku is evil then goes good, Tenaya did as well. Makes sense now? No? Oh well, just enjoy the video!

I'll probably never make a video like this ever again!

Episodes used: 01, 02, 03, 12, 20, 25


  1. I'm weird too. Consider it a gift. ;)
    Cause who wants to be normal? LOL XD

    I like this. It's fun to watch. I've always had thoughts about making vids like this. Though never got to it. hehe. But looks like I share some of your tastes.

    Not gonna make a vid like this ever again? Well, if you say so. But I liked it. I always believed fantasy stories could come together into one unified whole (no pun on my username :P ). And like I said before, I'm weird too. Woot!

  2. You and I are similar. I like Toku, too, but my friends don't like it.

    In my opinion, I think a Kingdom Hearts theme would go better with Time Force. Since Wes and Jen can relate to Sora and Kairi. lol

    You're giving me an idea for a project, thanks Megapurple. ;)

  3. Fantasy Leader, we're all a little weird inside! lol and I'm not sure if I even want to do a video like this ever again, cause the thought of doing a video using two unrelated franchises never really comes to my mind :P

    DancingAlienDude, the thing was he actually didn't think my Power Rangers obsession was weird. I'm not really open about it to most of my friends...but he's one of my closest friends so I told him. I actually got him into Kamen Rider instead. I feel so accomplished! :D

    I was actually thinking of going with Power Rangers in Space, using Andros and Karone....but I was just too lazy to get footage and I already had the RPM footage together. The Time Force idea sounds kinda cool though. But I think Kamen Rider Decade fits more to KH since it has a lot more things in common (currently doing a post on it).

    Apparently, I'm an inspiration for all my friends so you're welcome! :D