Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My thoughts on MMPRv2

Okay, yes. I know that most people don't like the changes that Disney has made for MMPR, especially the Sentai fanboys.
The opening credits have been changed. It kinda looks like a fan-made opening that you could find on YouTube. My only complaint about the opening is the picture above, which is in the opening credits.
And what I really don't like is the Batman-like graphics. But if Kakuranger did it, then MMPR can to so I won't argue anymore.
They also add graphics around like wind and stuff when the Rangers are posing. They pause scenes and put background and colors. Some cases they put name tags on the villains and monsters, like what Zyuranger and other Sentai shows did.
There is Anime-like moments used as well like when they put lighting effects between Jason & Skull when there is conflict.
Most people, especially Sentai and PR fanboys consider MMPRv2 cheesy with all the effects, but it's not like MMPR was cheesy already. In some cases, most of the effects work out well. On a side note, I just LOVE how Sentai fanboys already hate/dislike MMPR and think Zyuranger is better, yet they bitch and complain about MMPRv2. Sentai has done some of these effects before MMPR did, like the Batman graphics and Anime-like moments (Kakuranger and Go-Onger anyone?) Toei has done some of this stuff too, so don't hate on Disney just because they try it out. To wrap this up, I don't mind MMPRv2. It's something for me to look forward and wake up to every Saturday morning. It's just some things are just unnecessary.

To those who hate MMPRv2, have a nice day! :)

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  1. Disney....? Thanks a lot for screwing everything up what Saban did. :D