Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coming soon! Samurai Sentai Shinkenger MV "Kimi Ga Inai Mirai"

Okay, I have finally watched all the episodes of Shinkenger I have missed (Yay!) and some of them were excellent! Anyway, Shinkenger is coming to a close next week. Since it is, I am going to redo that MV of Shinkenger I posted last month ago since I now have all the episodes on my computer (except for the last one) and there's a lot of footage I can use! The song is called "Kimi Gai Inai Mirai" and it is from Inuyasha: The Final Act. The single is finally released after months waiting for it (and I have to say, the singles for Anime take longer to come out than Toku!) I just actually need to listen to it and look over the footage to see what I can and shouldn't use. This MV will probably be my greatest one ever. IF not, better than the ones I already made. Hoping everyone is looking forward to it.

And if no one saw the first one yet, watch it here! YouTube won't let me post it for some reason! Grr...Hopefully this new and improved one will be on YouTube.

Grr! YouTube won't let me upload the preview due to copyright issues! So it looks as if this MV will be on my blog only! And I don't even know how to upload it on my blog! So it looks like this MV will be up longer than I thought. Sorry everyone.....