Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jetman - an inspiration for RPM?

I'm not talking about suits, mecha and such. I'm talking about story-wise, tone, and characters. This got me thinking that Eddie (EP for first half of RPM) may have gotten some elements from Jetman and maybe even other Sentai series for RPM.
I mean, if you actually think about it, both Gai and Dillon are the "lone wolves" of the team. Gai dies in the ending of Jetman, and in Eddie's finale for RPM, Dillon was supposed to die.

The tone for RPM was different from any other PR series, way different from Saban's series in my opinion, especially since we had new blood controlling the show for the first half of the season. Jetman's tone was a different tone from any other Sentai I've seen. I heard that Maskman had the same tone, but I won't say since I haven't seen Maskman yet. But both Jetman and RPM had the same kind of tone.
I can't really think of anything else at the moment. But I'll update when I do. And if anyone has something to contribute to it, don't be afraid to leave a comment and I'll update giving credit to you.


  1. I can't really think up of anything else that Jetman or RPM would have in common. So I'm gonna say, no, I don't think Jetman had much inspiration on RPM.

    Speaking of tone, from what I've seen, I think Bioman, Maskman, Liveman, and Timeranger all had tones that were very similar to Jetman's. Perhaps even a few others.

    Overall, I think RPM is quite original on its own. If anything was an inspiration to RPM, I'd say PR seasons like Space and Lost Galaxy had more in common than any sentai season that I can think of. But from what you have pointed, nice comparison. ;)

  2. Well, I haven't really seen Maskman like I said, and I've seen bits of Liveman and Bioman and the tones seemed different to me, but I won't say anymore since I haven't seen them full. I would say that Timeranger kinda had the same tone as Jetman.

    But I agree with the last part you said. But in a way, RPM just reminded me of Jetman mainly. There's just something about it.