Friday, July 30, 2010

Power Rangers 2011 News/Updates as of 7/30/10

Alright, so I got some good news and bad news. Let's start with good news.

Good news is, we possibly might know our actors/actresses for the Rangers! Here are the possibilities for our Rangers!
Craig Henningson is a possibility for our Red Ranger, Reese.
Sergio Harford, still in question, is a possibility for our Blue Ranger, Baron.

Justin James Hughes is a possibility for our Green Ranger, Parry.

Sidney Franklin is a possibility for our Gold Ranger, Wesley.

Anthony Lipe-Ladenhe, still in question, is a possibility for our Skinny Mack.

Please remember that this IS NOT the actual cast! These are just possibilities. Thank you. Now for the bad news:

Apparently contracts came in, and they were so ridiculous that during the screen testings...a lot of the actors/actresses walked out without signing....they wouldn't let none of them audition "without" signing. It is said that most of them had no idea what was in the contract and could not audition without signing. Quite a few good actors walked out, which the end result could mean anything now.

In the contract, they cut the money WAY back! Iris had some good choices, but the people (producers I assume) were quote on quote, "ridiculous!" It is said that the role for Yellow went to a very "young looking" girl who looks like she could be 12. A few Pinks were left, but it is unsure who got that.

The Red rangers that were left are said to be all "American-looking" Caucasians, with all other roles pretty much filled up by those who looked like they're Asian in them somewhere.

Well it looks like Saban is still being cheap. That is certinaly disheartening. I don't have much to say on this, but we had some really good actors/actresses apparently. There is said to be somewhere in the contract saying that if you are part of the Power Rangers then you cannot do ANYTHING else until the end of 2012. Honestl,y I think all of this extra hype he's been shoveling out has been for the hardcore fans, us, just to get us back on board after the disaster that was MMPRv2. But even with this negative news we need to support Power Rangers 2011 or the show won't have a very bright future. I will support Power Rangers any way it needs.


  1. Saban and company have always pulled this kind of shit