Saturday, May 29, 2010

How I would handle Shinkenger's adaptation

Power Rangers Samurai Strike
Yeah, it's a terrible name, but anything's better than "Samurai Force" or "Team Samurai" right?

After the destruction of Queen Bansheera's Skull Cavern, another remnant had appeared known as The Phantom Sail. Renegade demons have heard of Queen Bansheera's defeat from the Underworld's mystic, Tentacor. Once having heard of this, Demon King Scourge and Princess Raidan were very angry about their beloved sister's destruction. The three banded together to form the notorious, Supreme Demon Tribe. With no restrictions, the Supereme Demon Tribe decides to cast destruction on the Earth, starting with a popular town close to Mariner Bay: Gateway City.
In the mysterious town of Gateway City, citizens strive to get where they need to and people say that belongings keep coming up missing; even certain government plans have been stolen. It's near Mariner Bay and this where our story takes place. But what the people of Gateway City don't know is that their going to have a "Demon Infestation" occuring. Having knowledge of the Legendary Samurais, historian and biotechnologist Henry Carr must find the descending ancestors to fight these league of demons. It is up to five teenagers to beomce Power Rangers, uncover their ancestor's past, and bring order to the future.

NOTE: I did NOT come up with the story, but I do kinda like it. I hope Saban does something similar.

If Saban really had to steer it away from Shinkenger, cause of its' so called "too Japanese," then I would have the swords and spinning discs as morphers. Get rid of the kuroko every time the Rangers had to morph. Pretty much make it kinda like Ninja Storm, but with a few twists. I would love to see ShinkenGold evil for a little bit. These are my ideas for Shinken's adaptation, I don't care if they don't happen. I'll be pleased with whatever Saban brings us. Saban hasn't failed us in the past.


  1. Would be cool if Saban made strong connections to his previous seasons.

    Yeah, Saban hasn't failed us in the past. :)

    Well.... except Turbo. XD

  2. That sounds interesting. What would be your story behind the female red ranger?

  3. Power Rangers: Samurai

    Shot, simple, and to the point.

  4. Mr. Smith, personally I wouldn't add that. Maybe as a recap thing, but as part of the season, probably not. But as the cast sheet says, there is a character named Princess Megan. I would most likely put her as Female Red Ranger.

    Kamenridereleking, I love that...actually.

  5. Personally, I would call it Power Rangers Bushido Break. The bushido part is the samurai's code of honor. The break part, idk, it just sounded like it fit.
    The cast was reveiled a while back. (check out this site: As for the name, it hasn't come out yet that I know of.