Saturday, October 3, 2009

About Me?

Yeah, this should've gone into my complete profile but I'm didn't feel like writing everything out there. lol anyway, ummm...well what you should know about me is my name, Sam. i'm probably not the biggest Toku freak out there but I am a Toku freak especially with Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Power Rangers, more on Kamen Rider and Super Sentai though. Tokusatsu will probably never leave my life, not as long as there is Kamen Rider and Sentai around. I like Jap dramas and anime too. I'm addicted to Kingdom Hearts. It is the greatest game ever! I've played all the games over 1000 times and it still never gets old! I'm just waiting for the new games to be released. Oh and Mortal Kombat is awesome too! You can find me on YouTube as silgmes, HJU as KamenRiderWingKnight, and RangerCrew as ShinkenBlue.

Now, why the name MegaPurple? Well, Megaranger is the most AMAZING Sentai ever! And Purple is just an awesome color! Power Chamber as my blog name? I know it's from Power Rangers Turbo I think. I'm not creative with names ok?! Above is my attempt of making a MegaPurple icon. It's MegaBlue's helmet just painted over in the color purple.

Well anyway, what I'll be talking about on here is basically Toku, Kingdom Hearts, MK maybe, and my life, which probably no one is interested. So I'll be going now. Look foward to my future posts!

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