Monday, December 14, 2009

Eddie's Finale for RPM

Please be aware that this finale will NOT happen! If you didn't read about this on RangerCrew or HJU, then this is something you'll want to check out.

The finale was "Ranger Black," where after Venjix is destroyed and Summer finally chooses which boy she wanted to be with, the sleeper programming in Dillon activates. The memories of he and Tenaya together were falsified and meant to lead the Rangers into taking him into their ranks and allowing him greater trust. Dillon NEVER EXISTED AT ALL. Now it falls to the rest of the team to destroy Venjix once and for all, even now that he controls the Morphing Grid.

If you ask me, I think his finale sounds a bit better than the one we're getting now. Sure, we probably would've felt cheated by having Dillon and Tenaya NOT related to eachother. But still, was anybody surprised when it was officially announced that the two are related? Anyone? Exactly. Eddie probably wanted to try to make us think that the two are siblings and in the end, it turns out that they would be no relationship between the two. Any thoughts on this?

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